I created, edited, and helped host the 250th anniversary year of the musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven. GAHF, in collaboration with the German Embassy in Washington, DC, and The American Virtuosi. Currently 4,625 views aired on Dec 16, 2020

Spooks and Spirits - Legends from Germany and Beyond Originally aired Thursday, Oct. 29 at 7 pm EST via Zoom. This event highlighted the history of Halloween and German folklore and myths. Germany has its fair share of mysterious encounters with supernatural beings. Join us for a selection of spooky stories with a German twist. One of my favorite events I made. 

The short preview video created for the Spooks and Spirits - Legends from Germany and Beyond Originally aired Thursday, Oct. 29 at 7 pm EST via Zoom. 

I created an original episode for the GAHM oral history project. The Oral History Project is for Americans who are either immigrants from a German-speaking country themselves or whose ancestors immigrated from a historically German-speaking region. In a series known as the German-American Oral History Project, we will be putting together videos of people's stories. The first episode in the series features Marion Niles and her journey from Germany to America.  Aired Sep 2, 2020

Virtual zoom event of German-American Day held on Oct. 6 in combination with the United Church in Washington DC,  posted Oct 21, 2020

A virtual tour I created for the GAHM's exhibit about German-American artist Fritz Faiss, curated in April 2020.

I created a brief virtual preview tour of the GAHM's exhibit about German-American artist Fritz Faiss. Curated April, 2020

A quick Christmas video I created for the staff at the GAHM, Dec 22, 2020

German Records Collection curated Oct, 2020

I created the GAHM Virtual Zoom Panel discussion about the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment with a special emphasis on German-American suffragettes and the perception and impact of women’s suffrage in the German-American community. Aired Aug 26, 2020

In this video, we start with an interview featuring Lynne Breen author of "How German Ingenuity Inspired America: More Fun, More Beauty, More Freedom".  Aired Mar 12, 2021

Here is the full video of The American Virtuosi fireside chat for the Beethoven 250 Birthday celebration.  Aired Dec 17, 2020

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